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2017 Men’s Hair Styles Trends

If you are looking to change up your look, then you need to look at these hair style suggestions. These men's hair style trends can be seen all over these days and they continue to grow in popularity. But what do you do if your locks are not as full as you want them to me. Today you are not limited to cheap wigs that don't give you an appearance of real hair. Today's men's hair replacement is extremely advanced and natural. Our non-surgical hair replacement solutions are not something you take on and off but rather it becomes apart of you 24/7. You can run, swim, shower, sleep in it just like your own natural growing hair and you can also style it any way you like even any of the tops styles below. The Textured Top If you are looking to make a change in your appearance, this the cheapest way to do it. It seems the world has been kept clean and slick for too long, and now the desire for something a bit more messy is here. The look with many different variations usually has a common style in which the sides and back are trimmed [...]

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Uncover What Is True About Hair Replacement

If you are discovering that you're leaving more hair in drain of the shower or in your brush and your seeing more of your scalp than you used to, then you are probably feeling uneasy about having thinning hair. For many men and women with hair loss, they don’t know where to go to find out information and solutions. Looking through the internet often can lead to confusion and more questions. Let us put some light on facts you should know. The Treatments Are Painful If you do a search on the internet for hair replacement you might see images that suggest it could be painful. When in fact, non-surgical hair replacements are completely painless and offer you very natural looking hair even to the touch. Hair Replacement Looks Fake If you are comparing toupees and wigs to what your grandfather used to wear, then yes, they look fake. But today’s hair replacement solutions offer a very natural look and feel. There are hair systems for men and women that are designed specifically to their needs and their scalp so the hair used matches the hair you have in hair type, color, texture and fit absolutely perfect for a look [...]

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Hair Loss Differences in Men vs. Women

Among the many biological occurrences that manifest differently for men and women, one that is especially different is cycles of hair loss. The idea of male pattern hair loss (MPHL) is widely known and often discussed. But just as there are measurable configurations of male baldness, there exist patterns for female hair loss as well. In fact, over 55% of women experience some measure of hair loss throughout their lives. Just as Hamilton and Norwood developed a scale for men's hair loss (developed by Hamilton in the 1950’s then updated by Norwood in the 1970’s), in 1977 Ludwig developed a similar scale for female pattern baldness. Though there are other scales for both MPHL and female pattern hair loss (FPHL), these two are the most popular among practitioners and researchers when attempting to classify hair loss. The Hamilton-Norwood scale: The Hamilton-Norwood scale has seven types of classifications and several stages within those classifications. For example, within stage 5, there are 3 levels of progression including 5, 5A, and 5V, which show variations on a receding hairline with hair loss also in the crown of a man’s head. Androgenetic alopecia, or MPHL, can begin for some men even in their teens [...]

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Alopecia Areata Hair Loss Solutions

There are now a variety of effective Alopecia Areata hair loss solutions for men, women and children to combat the appearance of alopecia areata hair loss. The condition known as Alopecia Areata causes you to lose your hair, either in patches or all together. In most cases, this Alopecia Areata (sometimes called spot hair loss) can cause hair loss on the scalp for both men and women, and can affect the beard area in men. Alopecia Areata all starts with your own immune system, which attacks hair follicles where hair grows. Due to the high value of appearance in society, it’s no surprise this disease takes its toll on a psychological level. Physical Appearance Photo Credit: Wikipedia The pattern of hair loss could come in bald patches, stubby patches, or could come of completely over the entire body. After this point, the hair growth is usually sporadic and will show in different places. The normal wait period for hair regrowth is usually a few months, but in some cases is much longer. Hair styling with bald patches can be very frustrating, and even if fixes are made, wind or a draft from a ceiling fan can mess it [...]

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Why Do Toupees Look So Bad?

Why is it that when you think about men's hair replacement, your first thought is about why do toupees look so bad?  The truth of the matter is that almost everyone has seen a “good” toupee and almost everyone has probably seen a “great” toupee! The reason is that good or great toupees or hair systems (as they are more precisely known) are NEVER obvious and look like REAL GROWING HAIR. A modern, state-of-the-art men's hair replacement system is a technological miracle.  With precise color matching to your own growing hair, perfect professional blending, and an absolutely natural front hairline, it looks just like your own natural growing hair. That’s why we often tell people that we are extremely proud of our non-surgical hair replacement solutions for both men and women.  And what we’re most proud of is the fact that our best work goes totally unnoticed. Everyone has seen a bad toupee. But today's state of the art non-surgical hair replacement systems are totally natural looking and completely undetectable to the eye and to the touch. Our clients come to us to get their hair back.  But they also come to us for another reason: they want to get [...]

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Don’t Let Mens Hair Loss Define You

You might be like lots of men and realize you’re experiencing mens hair loss. But don't let men's hair loss define you or cramp your style. First things first, don’t let it affect your self-esteem or the way you feel about your masculinity. One of the best things you can do is educate your self about hair loss and why it makes you feel insecure, what conditions may be the cause of your hair loss and what step you can take to help regrow your hair. You may discover the best hair replacement for men might be closer than you think. Don't Let Mens Hair Loss Define You Ok, your hair is getting a little thin, you can either choose to not let it define you or make it be the reason you withdrawal from society. You can look for a solution to help you regrow your hair. It is important to accept yourself. Take a step back and realize that the amount of hair on you head has absolutely nothing to do with who you are. Also take a step back and realize that going bald isn't a choice, but staying bald is a choice. There are tons of [...]

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What Causes Balding & Hair Loss?

Anyone who has gone through the stages of balding & hair loss can tell you that it can be a very distressing time, especially when you don’t know the cause of your hair loss.There are many factors that contribute to hair loss in men and women: the most common cause of balding and hair loss is androgenic alopecia (genetic inherited balding and thinning hair).  But there are many other causes of hair loss in men, women and children as well. When women notice the beginning signs of hair loss, it is best to seek medical advice to discover any underlying factors. It can also be useful to look into hair loss solutions when you are about to embark on certain debilitating medications. Dermatex Hair Restoration in Orange County, California has come up with some illnesses and lifestyle factors that often contribute to hair loss. Can the Wrong Diet Cause Balding & Hair Loss? A poor diet is bad for your health in general, and your hair health is also affected. A diet high in junk food contains toxins which need to be eliminated from your body and that includes from the scalp as well because it can result in greasy, [...]

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Best Hairstyles for Men Based on Face Shape (Infographic)

Best hair styles for men 2017. Thinning hair, male pattern baldness, and other types of hair loss in men drastically affect a man's appearance, not to mention his self-image and sense of self-esteem. But with the latest in Men's Hair Restoration Orange County, non-surgical hair replacement and hair loss treatment breakthroughs, men experiencing hair loss and thinning hair can get back a full head of great looking hair that not only looks good but looks and feels totally natural. And when it comes to men's non-surgical hair replacement solutions, you can have great looking hair in all the latest styles to perfectly accentuate your personal sense of style and face shape. The infographic below, from the guys at Men's Hairstyles Today, displays a few of the very best haircuts and styles to perfectly compliment your own personal style. Dermatex Hair Restoratin Orange County & San Diego At Dermatex Hair Restoration Orange County & San Diego, California, our individually customized non-surgical hair replacement solutions for men combine the very latest in non-surgical hair replacement artistry and technology for a totally natural look and feel to help you restore not only your hair, but also your own individual style and life. Regardless [...]

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Hair Loss Solutions That Work | Dermatex Hair Restoration Orange County Q&A

Right now as you are reading this, in America there are roughly 35 million men are encountering some type of male pattern baldness and are looking for hair loss solutions that work. Around 21 million women in America are likewise experiencing hair loss. Yet, just around one million individuals worldwide are looking for expert treatment. Also, about portion of those individuals encountering balding have said they would spend their life savings to recover their hair. So what's preventing them from deserting male pattern baldness? Two key elements become an integral factor, fear and lack of education. Most fear how they will look. Terrible toupees, hair plugs and awful wigs are what pop into the vast majority's heads when they consider hair loss treatment. Some are anxious it would require surgery. Balding treatment has come a very long way since the toupee's times. Do you know what's accessible to you? At Dermatex Hair Replacement in Orange County & San Diego, we offer different hair loss solutions and most don't require surgery. Today's modern non-surgical hair replacement systems utilize 100% human hair and is amazingly undetectable, even up close and personal. It's ideal for any guy with an active, dynamic lifestyle. There [...]

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Eight Best Men’s Hair Trends for 2017 | San Diego, Orange County CA

The modern man always wants to look his best and often that means keeping with the latest changing hair trends, but also he needs to know when classical, timeless hair cuts are the best. With that said, he also isn’t afraid to bring out his own unique style when it comes to his hair. Check out the celebrities latest hot hairstyles and you can choose the one that is perfect for you. The Undercut Celebrity Style: Justin Bieber is another start who is ever-evolving his hair style. His bleached undercut is the best for young men. It borders on the adolescent trends of not playing is safe, but hey would we expect anything less from this pop star. The Subtle, Sensual Waves Celebrity style: If you are one of the lucky few that still have lots of hair you might like the classy look that was recently seen on Oscar Isaac. It’s a real proper gentleman look. The Old-Hollywood Man Celebrity Style: We all know that Ryan Gosling looks good with any hairstyle. His latest hairstyle is this Gatsby Hollywood traditional he wore on the red carpet. It’s a sure bet that old Hollywood style that looks great on younger [...]

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