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Four Common Misconceptions About Hair Loss

Wearing a hat can cause hair loss. This is not exactly correct as its not as much the wearing of a hat that can cause hair loss as it is the person wearing the hat. Hair loss can happen in two ways, the first being, if the hat being worn is too tight that it constricts blood flow to the hair follicles. This could cause some hair shedding sooner that without what have. Second, wearing a hat for an extended amount of time in hot, humid weather can lead to sebum plugs. Heat and humidity can bring sebum, our own body’s built-in lubricant, out of our scalp. If the sebum has time to react with cholesterol, it forms a plug [...]

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Five Ways to Make Your Hair Appear Thicker

Most everyone would love to have hair that is full and thick but for some people they just weren’t blessed with those good hair genes. While the issue for some might be more than just styling, it is always good to have a few tricks you can count on. We have made a list of a few things you can easily do to help give your hair the illusion of your hair being thicker and more full. Curl Your Hairs Ends Inward: If you do this while straightening your hair, you will increase the look of more volume, which will make your hair appear to be thicker and fuller. It is always best to not to just iron your hair [...]

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Looking for a Better Hair System?

We have people come into our studio that have tried other hair loss solutions in the past and they are now looking for a better hair system. Each person that comes in wants the best system available. However, each person and each hair loss issue is different, every hair loss solutions is custom made specifically to that individual. What they really want to know is, ‘What is the best hair system for me?’ The answer to the question is usually, ‘What do you want from your hair system?’ Everyone has different concerns or expectations. Some of which include: Having the most natural looking front hair line Durability and longevity How ‘thin’ the base is. Creating an invisible transition from grown [...]

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Emotional Hair Loss Stages

When a person goes through a major loss, grief is a perfectly normal process that accompanies the hair loss. The whole grief process is complex. The grieving process is psychological, emotional, and physical and has an impact on individuals, friends and family. We have listed below the more common phases that people move through as they grieve.  Denial: "I'm fine. This can't be happening, not to me." One of the first stages is denial. It is an initial temporary defense we go through. When you first notice your hair is beginning to thin or that you notice hair loss, you may not what to believe it is happening. You may even convince others that you aren’t losing your hair. Anger: [...]

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Why Millennials Seem To Be Experiencing More Hair Loss

Hair loss and balding are something we associate with aging not a younger population, yet more and more millennials say they're experiencing hair loss. When Diana Damian was just 32, she started noticing her hair falling out. At first, she figured it was due to post-pregnancy changes, but then she realized it was something more. "Every time my hair would fall out, every time I'd look in the mirror, every time I'd brush my hair, especially in the shower, globs of hair would just fall down," said Damian. Initially she tried drug store treatments and even looked up do-it-yourself remedies on YouTube. When nothing worked, she turned to a dermatologist Candace Thornton-Spann. "Millennial hair loss is something that I'm seeing [...]

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What Every Man Should Know About DHT and Hair Loss

Many men think that thinning hair problems is as a result of high testosterone. But this is not always the case. DHT or Dihydrotestosterone does not mean high testosterone—it is only a byproduct of the hormone that all males have. It gets a bit complicated, but here are the basics you need to know, so that you can better understand your body and cope with experiencing hair loss. Baldness does not mean you have high testosterone Both men who have full heads of hair and men whose hair is thinning can have the exact same levels of testosterone. Studies have proven this. We know that males tend to lose hair as they age, and it cannot be all attributed to [...]

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