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Surgical Hair Transplants – San Diego & Orange County


Surgical Hair Transplants
Hair Restoration for Male & Female Pattern Baldness

Surgical hair transplants for some people helps to bring back what seems to be a fuller head of hair. If your self esteem is suffering due to thinning hair or bald spots, a hair transplant procedure performed by an expert hair transplant doctor in San Diego and Orange County is one way to feel more confident about your appearance.

Over the years, men and women throughout the San Diego and Orange County areas of California have come to us seeking solutions to their hair loss and thinning hair. For anyone thinking about going forward with hair transplant surgery for hair restoration, this is a major decision. For well-qualified men and women, hair transplant surgery can permanently change their appearance for the better and help them feel less self-conscious about their thinning hair and balding. The surgical hair transplant process moves hair from the back of your head, which is not susceptible to the balding gene (the cause of androgenic alopecia) to your thinning hair area, restoring a natural front hairline and increasing hair density on the top and crown area of the patient’s head.

The ideal candidate for a hair transplant procedure that we see in our Orange County and San Diego facilities is an individual that is 40 years of age or over and has a type 1 through 4 on the Norwood scale for men or a grade 1 on the Ludwig scale for women.

Surgical Hair Transplants San Diego Orange CountyNorwood Scale of Male Pattern Baldness

The chart most commonly used for men is the one developed by Dr. Hamilton and then later modified by Dr. o’Tar Norwood called the Norwood-Hamilton scale.

The first signs of male pattern baldness are increased front temporal recession accompanied by mid-frontal recession (type II).

Genetic hair loss in men (androgenic alopecia) generally occurs in a round area on the vertex follows, and the density of hair decreases, at times rapidly over the top of the scalp (types III through VII).

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Surgical hair transplants & hair restoration San Diego Orange CountyLudwig Scale of Female Pattern Baldness

Women that suffer from androgenic alopecia (genetic female pattern thinning hair) have a pattern of hair loss called female pattern loss. This hair loss doesn’t occur in the same pattern as men but appears as a diffuse thinning throughout the scalp.

There is a Ludwig scale chart designed to classify female pattern loss.

Surgical hair transplants and hair transplant surgery is a widely accepted and recognized hair restoration procedure for men and women in San Diego, Orange County and around the world who are seeking to do something about their thinning hair and balding. As with any other hair restoration procedure, apart from technical skill in performing the surgery, the hair transplant doctor or surgeon must have a keen artistic eye to make the transplanted hair look natural, especially along the front hairline.

What Are Hair Transplants and How Do They Work?

When a hair transplant is performed, hair is redistributed typically from the sides and back of the head, to the balding or thinning areas. These grafts are placed in a specific way as to create a natural appearing result. The new hair follicles act as your normal hair, growing at the same rate as the rest of the area. The transplant procedure can help you achieve a fuller head of hair and the results are permanent.

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