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Our exclusive dhtSENSOR hair loss treatment and prevention system has been clinically tested. It is an easy to maintain, hair loss prevention and control system designed to help men and women control their excessive hair loss and improve the condition of their scalp and hair follicles to minimize hair loss and enhance the appearance of fine or thin looking hair and stimulate hair growth.

In carefully controlled clinical studies, the dhtSENSOR hari loss prevention and treatment products were used as a complete program and where shown to increase the percentage of Anagen (growing) hairs in over 80% of test patients. 100% of the test group had substantial increases in hair shaft diameter and had larger, more deeply rooted hair follicles.

Results Supported by Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies have been performed by leading Trichology Research Clinics. Once the confirmed a patient had genuine, excessive hair loss they started using the complete dhtSENSOR Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment program daily and were reviewed in the Clinic monthly. Agagen (growing) / Catagen (dormant) ratios, hair shaft diamters and hair follicle size and depth were all carefully documented and research continued for over a six month period.

FDA Compliant

All dhtSENSOR products are formulated by cosmetic chemists and are blended and filled by FDA approved laboratories to further assure the safety and quality of each products in the dhtSenor program.

University Tested

As part of dhtSENSOR’s hair loss control studies, skin penetration tests were performed by the Dermatology Department of a major California University.

This study documented that dhtSENSOR’s unique micro-emulsion delivered more than 3,000 micrograms per daily application of Enzyme Complex directly into the scalp and hair follicle.

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Who should use dhtSENSOR?

Any man or woman who is beginning to experience thinning hair, or those you have naturally thin or fine hair. The DHT Sensor hair loss treatment and prevention program, along with a regular supervised laser hair loss treatment therapy program has been shown to be the most effective in getting results for men and women in the early stages of hair loss and thinning hair (Norwood 1-3, Ludwig 1-2).

Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment. San Diego Orange County

Will dhtSENSOR prevent hair loss?

At the very least the dhtSENSOR hair loss treatment and prevention program slows down excessive hair loss and, in many cases, holds off further hair loss indefinitely. In clinical studies, 40% of the test group showed increased hair development.

  • The dhtSENSOR program brings together clinically proven hair loss control products in one easy-to-use program to help improve the overall scalp and hair environment, significantly block DHT (Dihydro-testosterone), provide complete nutrition for your hair, and enhance the appearance of thin looking hair by minimizing hair loss and stimulating hair growth.
  • The DHT Sensor program is the result of over a 15 years of pharmaceutical research, development and clinical studies. The result is a one of the safest, most effective, proven hair loss control, prevention, and rejuvenation programs available today.
  • The DHT Sensor program utilizes a multi-therapeutic approach with carefully balanced products designed to provide proper scalp hygiene and nutrition, while suppressing the development of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the most common cause of hair loss.
  • DHT Sensor has been found to be particularly effective when combined with low level laser hair therapy.

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