19 03, 2020

Hair Replacement Systems and You

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The biggest benefit of using a hair replacement system is that you can instantly return to the way you looked before you lost your hair. No other treatment - even painful surgery - can do that! While others are rubbing on topical solutions, swallowing hair loss supplements, and taking prescriptions, you alone will have the thick hair density you had prior to you losing your hair.  Custom-made hair replacement systems give you that full head of hair you want and the total freedom you had with your natural hair. What is a hair replacement system?  It used to be a kind word for ugly, unnatural looking toupees and other types of hairpieces.  Attached to your head with glue or tape, these hairpieces looked so fake, they became popularly known as "rugs" for their uncanny resemblance to cheap shaggy carpeting. Today, technology has given us a hair replacement system that can't be detected even in a close examination of the scalp. Virtual Reality pioneered a technology that is like a contact lens for your scalp. The lens cannot be seen when it's in place and the human hair that is rooted in the lens appears to be growing directly out of [...]

13 01, 2020

Can Non Surgical Hair Replacement Work for You?

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So you want your old, natural hair back.  Everyone suffering from hair loss often does, but for many, that’s not really possible.  The products available today that promote hair regrowth and restoration, generally fall short of expectations and will never give you back your full head of hair once hair loss sets in.  In fact, once you stop taking a hair loss treatment formula, you could very well reverse any progress you made while taking the remedies.  There is just one way to instantly regain a full head of natural-looking hair again and that is through non-surgical hair replacement. Of the few quality options out there, none compares to the hair replacement system pioneered by Virtual Reality.  This site highlights Virtual Reality because it's a product that's generating so much excitement among customers and hairstylists.  Be sure to go see the videos on other pages that talk about the specifics of the Virtual Reality miracle. But first, some background. Non-surgical hair replacement has traditionally involved plopping a hairpiece on top of a bald head. We're all familiar with the old fake-looking toupees that were taped on and easy to spot from a block away. There are still plenty of them [...]

16 12, 2019

Home Remedies for Hair Loss: Are They Effective?

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Can Home Remedies Really Help with Hair Growth? Hair loss can certainly lower your self-confidence. If your hair loss is something you are trying to over-come, you will want to make sure you are looking into the right products. There are many variations of home remedies that can work but it depends on the cause of your hair loss. Understanding the Reason for Hair Loss To resolve any sort of hair loss you need to look at the cause. What may cause hair loss for one person could be totally differ for another. They can even vary between men and women. For men, the most common causes of hair loss include: • Genetics • Stress and anxiety disorders • Various forms of alopecia • Rashes and allergies on the scalp For women, the most common causes of hair loss are: • Medical conditions • Medical treatments • Nervous conditions • Scalp issues • Poor diet It if for these different causes we urge you to take time to understand the cause of your hair loss before exploring home remedies. The real truth is that home remedies are nearly as effective compared to hair restoration solutions. Some home remedies can result [...]

16 02, 2018

Looking for a Better Hair Replacement System?

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We have people come into our studio that have tried other hair loss solutions in the past and they are now looking for a better hair replacement system. Each person that comes in wants the best hair replacement system available. However, each person and each hair loss issue is different, every hair loss solutions is custom made specifically to that individual. What they really want to know is, ‘What is the best hair system for me?’ The answer to the question is usually, ‘What do you want from your hair system?’ Everyone has different concerns or expectations. Some of which include: Having the most natural looking front hair line Durability and longevity How ‘thin’ the base is. Creating an invisible transition from grown hair and reconstructed hair Weight of the hair system How cool the hair system will be Density or thickness of the hair Natural scalp appearance Type of hair Grade of hair You can see from the list that there are a variety of different expectations, as well as concerns that people have. It’s important to work through what you mean by ‘best hair system’ available when you talk to a hair loss consultant. It is also very [...]