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Julie – Female Pattern Baldness

“It is something that really damaged myself seeing”

Julie’s Story

I have been noticing some thinning in my hair for many years. My mom and other family members suffer from it. Since I was fifteen, my aunt was the first person to point it out to me. Maybe my mom was trying not to hurt my feelings. It just got worse through the years. It is something that really damaged myself seeing.

The making of my decision took three steps. The hardest stage was the very first step which was doing the research and just deciding to go for the meeting. The second stage was knowing it was private made it easier and more comfortable for me to decide which was the best procedure for me with a professional staff. They showed general concern and helped me find a perfect fit for me. And the third stage was when it came and we where ready to go. They did a fantastic job and it just helps me realize the decision I made.