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Karen – Female Pattern Baldness

“Sadly one of the first thoughts after am I going to die was what about my hair”

Karen’s Story

Nobody expects to be diagnoses at 39 with cancer. Sadly one of the first thoughts after am I going to die, what about my hair. It is so shallow to say because the hair doesn’t matter, but especially being a woman, hair does matter.

I was never blessed with a beautiful mane of hair but as a kid my hair was pretty thick and wavy. Around age 18 it started to get thinner and in my 20’s I could put it up into a ponytale but as time went on it got more and more thin. In my 30’s it has gotten so thin I couldn’t change styles and wore a lot of headbands.

After diagnosed with breast cancer I had lost all my hair. As my hair grew back it was even more thin. I had to find a solution and I was so happy to see there were alternatives out there. It is amazing to have a full head of hair is incredible. And to be able to go out and realize that nobody is looking twice at my hair because it’s not thin.